Databases for Galleries, Studios, Collections and Curators

-file is a multilingual software program for Galleries, Artists, Curators and Collectors. -file archives information about artworks, clients, artists, and other actors in the art world in up to three languages, linking the data so that you can quickly and easily review entries, add new information, and edit records. The user-friendly design allows you to maintain an overview of current and completed tasks. In just a few quick and intuitive steps, you can create professionally designed presentations of selected works that are ready to be printed or e-mailed as PDF documents. -file offers an array of time-saving features that facilitate daily gallery operations, including production and presentation of artworks, exhibition planning, publicity, storage, shipping, sales, and promotion. ... more 

Our Experience

-file has been developed in cooperation with renowned Berlin galleries since 2005 and has become an integral part of their daily operations. We are pleased that our reputation has been established through client referrals.

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Galleries: ARNDT, carlier | gebauer, Cruise & Callas, Galerie EIGEN+ART, Galerie Michael Fuchs, Galerie Michael Haas, Galerie Max Hetzler, kunstquartier hospiz-Bregenz, Lindon Gallery - London, PSM-Gallery, Scheublein Fine Art - Zürich, Galerie Schwind, Galerie Barbara Thumm, Upstairs Berlin, Galerie Tanja Wagner,

Studios: Stephan Balkenhol, Monica Bonvincini, Jonas Burgert, Ralf Dereich, Tim Ernst, Simon Fujiwara, GAMA, Uwe Henneken, Candida Höfer, Dani Jakob, Barbara Jenner, Catherine Lorent, Andreas Mühe, Anselm Reyle, Stefan Rink, Thomas Ruff, Anri Sala, Katja Strunz, Rebecca Thomas, Gabriel Vormstein, Gunter Wessmann, Studio Violet

Collections: Celine and Heiner Bastian Fineart

Curators: Conny Becker

Estate administration: Anna Oppermann

Instutution: Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe

Our Service

After in-depth consultation with you, we install the selected standard version of the -file software, import any data from previous databases, and train your staff to use the software. Upon request, we adapt or expand the -file software in line with your individual requirements and work processes. We create a full backup of all of your data on our server on a daily basis, and provide you with software updates at regular intervals. We offer telephone support for any questions you might have on the use of -file.


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