Feature / Module Description
1.) Costumization settings
 Additional gallery location
This extension contains separate printing templates (including invoices) for each location
 Additional third language
This extension includes all printing templates (including invoices) in three languages
 Customized templates Design of layouts beyond the standard layout that require customization
 Data import Importing existing data from previous databases. After analyzing your data, we will be happy to give you a personalized offer
 Data transfer between different versions of -file Allows for easy exchange of data—for example, between an artist’s -file Studio and his or her gallery’s -file Gallery
 Backend for websites
Docking art-file on your existing website
 New website
Order -file in combination with a new website linked to -file
 New functions In principle, we can program completely new functions upon request
2.) Contacts Settings(address directory)
 Newsletter mailing
Automating the mailing of your newsletter through -file
 Saving correspondence with contacts
Writing and saving, printing, or e-mailing letters
 Dinner invitation list
Creating lists of invitees to events, with automated management of accepted and declined invitations
3.)Inventory Settings (catalogue of works)
 Duplication Enables unlimited duplication of a work and automatic numbering of limited edition works

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